What is geofencing?

Geofencing uses global positioning (GPS) and/or radio frequency identification to define geographic boundaries. Once these boundaries are set up, the administrator is able to set up triggers that alert people when their mobile device enters that specific area. Geofencing makes it easy for businesses to communicate with devices within certain spaces.

What are the benefits of geofencing?

Efficient targeting
Geofencing allows businesses to hyper-target potential prospects in areas they frequent, rather than targeting people who have little interest in your product or service.

When a prospect receives an advertisement at the right time, it greatly increases the chance that they will engage.

Quantifiable data
Implementing location-based marketing hands you tangible data that can be used to generate helpful insights about your business.

Okay, so why do I need it?

Spend efficiency
Geofencing allows you to reach the leads that are most likely to convert, meaning your budget will primarily be spent on relevant prospects.

Effective targeting
When your ad is only reaching people who frequent a specific area, it’s much more likely that you will see conversions.

Reliable data
Geofencing allows you to collect important data about traffic patterns, duration, and the effectiveness of your messaging.



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